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October 05 2012

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July 24 2012

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July 17 2012

July 13 2012

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May 17 2012

May 16 2012

How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally

How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally 14:55 30.01.2012, mayank, amazing, World Of Technology In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J. Zandbergen, experimented and successfully grew a rose that had its petals rainbow colored. As petals get their nourishment through stem, the idea is to split the stem into several channels and dip each one in a different colored water. This way all the colors will be drawn by the stem into petals and resultant rose will have all the colors in it.

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April 04 2012

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April 03 2012

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March 30 2012

March 24 2012

March 23 2012

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